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Multi-Dealer Antique Shop

Multi-Dealer Antique ShopMulti-Dealer Antique Shop

Al Bullard

Al loves glass, all styles. He's quite knowledgeable on the subject too and displays a wide array of fine glass pieces fit for any level of glass collector. But Al loves his furniture and primitive tools too so you'll also find a dynamic collection of each in his space.  As one of the top-selling dealers in our area, Al brings "history" to his items.  Guess that's because he's a retired "history" teacher!  Check out his area of the shop to not only be dazzled by his collection of glass, but impressed with his 18th and 19th century furniture and early tools as well.

Al often lectures on the subject of antiques, history, culture, and hops at area events and can also be found appraising at local antique shows. He's said to be one of the largest hops collectors in the state!